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Edge of Night
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The Bitch Days of Summer Rain pelts against the windows of the courthouse as Darren Reynolds steps through the front doors, shaking out his umbrella. The dreary weather is the perfect symbolization of his mood at the moment as he prepares to watch Blake Thomas' bail hearing. His feels are a mish-mash of anger and guilt and sadness, wanting so much for Blake not to have to spend a life in prison, but also knowing that he can't trust anything that Blake tells him anymore.

Blake claims to not have killed Aaron Maddock, but there was gunpowder residue on his hands after the murder and his fingerprints were found on the gun. Not to mention the fact that Darren found Blake and his best friend Vince in hushed whispers at the police department last night.

He's sure that Vince knows all about Blake's affair with Aaron, the fact that he slept with the man on the eve of his wedding. And he's not all that sure that Vince wasn't a motivator for Blake's bad behavior. Vince might act like the perfect citizen now, but Darren has seen first-hand the kind of damage Vince can inflict on others.

He could be up to his old tricks again and bringing Blake along for the ride.

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